A little about my heart

Have a boyfriend or not, it doesn’t mean anything
to me. A few day ago, I really have.
But it’s over.2 days after I have finish my exam.
sometimes, I think that it’s not real, Am on dreaming.
and I’m wrong, because it’s truly happend.
We start a good relationship in October or Desember.
We learn each other, we go out together and make a good
comunicate. I think it’s a good time to make a deal,
and to a new relationship more than a friends.
And we do it.

Every day, I thanks because I always have a wonderfull day.
I have so many friend who can support me everyday.
I have a beautifull family who can grap me when I fell bad.
and one great thing, God give an unique
boyfriend. I’m very happy. I’m doing my best, I try to care of
them. But it’s really over.

I need much time to forget it. But, I can’t.
I dont wanna life like this anymore. I must try to
forget and start a new life without him. I know that I do it.
I’m just need much time.

He not main, I’m free right now. my new life must go on.
Maybe am a stupid guy, who want to try make a relationship again.
It’s just because I’m still loving him.
am I wrong? my friend said “yes”.
I’m still waiting for you, but how long,guys?

I think love is when you thinking of him and want he
fell happy.
so, I try this.
I’m still waiting after my heart healt again.
and ready to another guy.


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