Love is Beautiful

Love is Beautiful
by: Yessi Sinaga
[First song lyric]

When the First time I saw you
we just talk a little bit and
dont care what been doing in each others

but the time is move,
and I Found that we are fall in love
I don’t care is true or not,
but A’m really felt that maybe I love you

Times moving again,
and our relationship is over..
I don’t really understand why?
But, In the fact, we ever trying..
and we can do this anymore.

You Broke my Heart..
Who are you? who are you?
you’re just a boy who didn’t know about love
Try to make me believe that love is beautiful

I see the truth.. I learn you much,
I care of you, I trying to do best,.
I trying.. I trying..
But, for once again..
I’m broken heart coz of you..
love is beautiful.. love is beautiful


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