There’s a missing piece inside me

Felt not good in this day, worried about something. But I don’t know what’s that.
going crazy about something, and cannot fix it. being alone and lonely with a mess of people, it’s also make me crazy an lost my mind. What wrong with my own day?
is there anything wrong. Needed some rest to taking a helpfull breath. How can I fix this missing piece?
Tring to listen some kind of music, hope can make me feel better. The song said that, “pasti bisa” and the other song said, there’s a missing piece inside me.
Just move it, and you can figure out and find out that feels, I just can understand how it comes and how to make it go out,
now am fell better when I talk to my frend. It’s definitely not talking but when I was send text to them, the send me the reply, and it’s enough to make me feel better. because it’s means, I always have a frend to talk and share not olny when am in a good situation but also in a worse. Thanks for my frend, who spare your time to listen me. a missing piece in your life can be closed when you let the others people help you out.


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