Worried how to find the real Job which is maybe can make me feel better and comfort. Working for two month, and Am still don’t know why Am here and what to do. I asking myself every times, but the answer did not come. Am looking for another job, apply the job and it’s still didn’t work. What should I do? being pessimist and worried every day and let the time heal it? Am here but my mind’s nowhere. guessing what? Am like unlucky women who’s graduated from reputable university who didn’t comfort with her first job and afraid moving to another big country. afraid of being alone in such a big city and didn’t get one of the best job too. is that wrong? or is just a worried?

I felt better when I talk about it to my friend, they are a good listener and sometimes they give me some advice what should I do. Very thankful that my friend want to help me out. I aware that I can’t take more responsibility from them, because this is my problem and I should not involve them to my problem. They are also have their problem and I don’t want to burden them with any problems that happen to me. I should take it and solve it by myself.


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