Hanya ingin cerita

2minggu bekerja. Waktu ini terasa terlalu cepat berlalu. Never stop and back again. I’ve been living alone in mu kost, near my office. I officially looking for it, and thank to God for give me this chance and also for my friends who want to help me found this one. Living alone in this place make me bored. I always spend 75% days of my life in office. Wake up in the morning, prepared and going to office. In my kost, I don’t have such a kitchen utensil, so every morning I eat cereal for my breakfast. I know that’s not a good decision, but right now I don’t have enough money for paying a big one kost. I always dreaming that 2 year ago I can move to new place or apartment or have enough money to buy house, buying a nice clothes and work in a cool office. like I imagine. Right now, I need to be focus on my job as SAP Junior Technical Consultant. My background is from Network, and I don’t have basic in SAP. But, this office give me a chance to learn about SAP, so I can’t lose it. Just for a couple of month. I guess I can make it better. Although sometimes I been down but I don’t mess up. Give the best and remind why you here. That’s because I have a big dream to be somebody that anybody should known. I don’t have a roommate, so I can’t talk to anybody when I want to curhat. So, when I really want to talk to somebody and didn’t find who, I just share and talk in my blog. I felt better. Thanks to my Savior God, thanks to my parent and family, to my friend and this blog. Next time I will came back and write my story again.


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