Going Abroad

Have you ever dream about this? #goingAbroad

Yes, I am.

That’s the answer when people asking me the same question. I’ve been thinking of it since high school. Doesn’t really sure, how something like this came up to my mind. It doesn’t matter right now.  When I have a chance to going abroad for short holiday or want to stay a little bit longer, I was think which country should I choose and visit. I’ll make a list for it. I think how about Europe. I heard that Europe having a nice country like Paris, London, Venisia and another one. When yuo there, you can covered Europe by using super past train which is connecting each country in Europe. 

Europe is the first, and I thinking again. Why don’t to trying traveling near my country Indonesia. Asia also have a modern country like Korea, Japan, Singapore. This country having a very nice culture. You know KPOP, KDRAMA. They talk about Korean Life, Korean culture and also landscape and their country scenery. We must visit this country first.

Each country having a different language. So, before go there we need to prepared the basic language. So, when we are there we also can talk and interact with them. It’s so nice if I having money and take off from office, and go there. 

Still hoping that someday I can go there. And prepared for all the stuff that I may needed when that time was coming soon.