Ultah Angkatan

Such an old picture of us (not too old when we compare to our ages).
Hahahaha… 🙂

This is the pict of me and my college friends.
This picture was taken when we are celebrate our second birthday (9Gen).
Look at their face, a little ugly because none of us taking a bath in that day. We only wash our face and foot, and brushing our teeth, so we look a little fresh for a while. But only that time.
When we are leaving that village and going to next stop (Pantai Pasir Putih) near Laguboti (it’s the edge of Lake Toba) the atmosphere really changed.
The weather was really good to swim, and most of us swimming at That Lake. The air was fresh and cool. Don’t say that you didn’t know Danau Toba.
It’s not too bad if you are never seen that lake. You can googling and type “Danau Toba” on search engine. You also can take a short vocation to visit Danau Toba by your self. You can never regret it. Just take your time and prove it.

2011-09-18 10.59.06

2011-09-18 10.58.43

2011-09-18 10.57.10