Hi All,

Thanks for visit my blog.
It’s been awhile since the last time I updated my profile.

My Name is Yessi Febrina Sinaga, was born on Medan, one of the biggest city in Indonesia.
If you’re not Indonesian, you can go to Google maps and type Medan on the search box. It’s easily to figure it out where is that place.
Am grow up in Porsea, it’s a small village in North Sumatera, about 6hours from Medan by bus. Spent most of my adolescence around there.

Am moved out to Pandan and continued my high school time there. Spent 3 year there and come back again to Porsea (more precisely in Laguboti) and start my freshman year in one of the best Polytechnic. There’s only one Polytechnic in Laguboti. It was really nice for has such a great opportunity and experience there and Growing up in Bataknese neighborhood and Christian culture.

When I was graduated, I moved out again. And this time to Capital City of Indonesia, Jakarta. Got a job and continued my college.
There is so many people looking for their best lucky there. hope that their life will be change when they working or life in Jakarta.
and me is one of them.
I have a plan to moving out again when I finishing my bachelor degree. I’m dreaming that someday i will have abroad living experience as a student or a worker.
So, from now on am still looking for a great place to spend my life and looking for what I would do in my entire life.


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