“Pertama jumpa di awal Maret,
Kau secantik mutiara jiwa,
Kau beri kesejukan mata dan jiwaku,
walaupun ku masih baru,
Tapi ku telah terpesona,

Pertama kali menginjakkan kaki di Kampus Politeknik Informatika Del adalah hal yang biasa saja. There’s nothing special. When I walk from the Gate, my feel is going to change. I’m trying to figure out what kind of place this campus. Along the road, there are a palm tree on the left side and also the fence on the right side. I walk with my frend Daniel and Hendry. My frend from the same school. We are coming to this campus to having the exam to this campus. The first step is academic, and we get pass the first step. so, this exam is the second step. the exam is about public logical, interview and knowledge about science. Public logical is everage and difficult. But, with all my skill I must answer the question. After that I have the interview test. And my interviewer is the handsome one Mr. Ramot Lubis. He looks smart and still young. I guest he’s not merried. She asking me about my letter that I wrote before the campus. He ask me in english. I’m confused what did he said, but am trying to understand and answer. I did no prepare myself for this exam. because am not interest to study here. When I see the result, I cannot found my name in the list of the students accept, I looking on the bottom side and “ouachhh” Am just found my name in the reserve table. I read the note and said that I must waiting for call. If the campus call me, it means thath I having the second to join psikotest. Am waiting but am still doing my own activity. At this time I stayed in Medan, and I join the Bimbel for UMB and SNMPTN. My phone was ringing, and I said “Yes” to join the psikotest. Before that day, I ever do the psikotest. So Am not afraid. I belive that I can pass this exam. And my feeling was right.

Am confused to make decision, going to sastra USU or Pidel. I’m already acceptance in this two campus. But finally I choosed Pidel as the better decision. Am packing my luggage when I was coming to campus. PCA is the first real exam to buld my own mind to love this campus as my Almamater. Time for PCA is one week. one week with all the very tired and pressure. wake up in the morning, doing a very dense activity along the day and finishing that on the night. We didin’t have time to take a rest for a while except in the night. Take a bath just in five second or ten counted, no time do brush my body, shampoo. so Am only brush my tooth and wash my face. Very tired. When we are eat some food, it’s also make me confused. eat with a big portion in a view times, the food looks delicious, but make me not interested to eat them.
PCA is very tired time, but it still on my best memories. I can’t forget that moment. although is very tired, it’s also the best. When I remember that time, I always laugh and miss them. I remember when my senior call my “Nama Cantik” and I must show my password. I see my frend do the same, and we are laugh together.

PCA is just a tiny part of my life in campus. I have 3year again to graduated. Spare my time in campus are going fast. the exam, the class, the meeting, sumbit paper, homework, practical, having the party like Festival Band Rohani, last party, join the game time together etc.
I can figure out, how can I live when we are already graduated. All the time in Pidel will save in memory, and I must start my new life and experience in another place with another people. Start again from the begining.


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